24/7 Security, Surveillance and Home Automation

We.Râ„¢ is a revolutionary way of self-monitoring and activating your home and security any time of the day or night. The We.R device range offered by Protect Australia, provides a smart yet simple way for you to connect to your home via Smartphone or web apps.

The system includes a wide range of options that deal with threats to home safety, such a burglary, fire or flood, with SOS activation and 24/7 safety notifications. You gain full control of what happens at your premises, whether you are on your couch, at work or at leisure.

Once the easy to install We.Râ„¢ system is in place, you can manage various functions of your home environment remotely.

An array of sensors and detectors provide you with an accurate status and complete control of your home – whenever an event occurs – or when you simply require the information.

The We.Râ„¢ Web and Smartphone interfaces have a modern, inspired design that provide you with easily accessible features. With the We.Râ„¢ system, you can perform a range of remote functions, including:

  • Arm / Disarm the system & its devices
  • Receive Video-on-Demand – anywhere anytime
  • View an event history and filters event displays
  • Review events according to various parameters such as: Type and Chronology
  • Utilize an advanced dashboard – displaying a full system status
  • View a devices list that includes the current status
  • Receive push and e-mail notifications

The We.Râ„¢ easy to use administrator tool allows you to add new users and other devices as you need to.

The concept behind the We.Râ„¢ architecture is to build as your requirements grow. Use it initially for security system, lighting and air conditioning activation or explore other capabilities such as Smart Home applications and energy saving solutions.

You bespoke home solutions are only as limited as your imagination. Buy a starter kit today and build on as and when you choose.

We.R™ providing you with a home security solution that’s easy to use, easy to install and easy to manage … its also easy to afford!

No Infrastructure Required

Your home already has everything you need in order to get this solution up-and-running. All We.Râ„¢ components are fully wireless & battery operated. The system connectivity is a simple and intuitive process that can be completed in minutes. Mounted components are embedded with a Tamper Alarm feature that will alert you to any change in positioning. Gone are the days of expensive technicians visiting your home to lay extensive wiring. Our system is so simple to use you can even fit it yourself if you like. What’s more is that if you move or are in rental property you can take your devices with you We.R saving you money and ensuring your busy modern lifestyle is stress free.

Open Communications

The system operates via Ethernet and (optional) EDGE/GPRS/3G/4G Cloud Communication for the ultimate backup.

We.Râ„¢ is based on an innovative, modern, communication system – one that enables perfect functionality on both Ethernet and EDGE/GPRS/3G/4G – through a designated central server.

Enjoy Today – Expand Tomorrow

In a world where technology advances every minute its hard to keep up with the trends and its hard to afford the upgrades. We.Râ„¢ is based on a modular system and can be used for various purposes: Safety and Security, Smart Home and Smart Energy. Using the latest z wave technology the sky is your limit and the easy integration means technology can advance. For the cost of a single added device rather than a whole new smart system you can keep you abreast with the times. you can upgrade as and when you need to without breaking the bank. All of the we.r components along with Z wave technology are put together to provide a better home and family lifestyle experience.

Indoor Photo Detector

Part of what makes the We.Râ„¢ solution so unique is its advanced technological capabilities. The Indoor Photo Detector combines motion detection with the capturing of streaming images. Activated either automatically when the device senses motion, or remotely via the web or Smartphone applications, users can instantly verify an incident as it occurs. This does not only eliminate costly false alarms, it also minimises the potential risk if an actual event takes place. It provides clear evidence of the incident and allows real-time response.

  • Fully wireless unit (battery operated). 2-way RF communication
  • Compact, indoor motion detector and photo verification device
  • Controlled and managed remotely via Smartphone and/or the web
  • Captures photo images upon PIR detection
  • Motion JPEG photos to Smartphone upon alarm activation or on demand

* For more details and pricing please call 1300 889 838

Home Automation Interactive Platform includes:

  • All web hosting
  • iPhone applications
  • Web applications
  • System updates

We.R Package Includes:

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