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Who is watching out for you?

Life Watch is the personal alarm system that can locate you, your loved one, or an employee in any emergency situation – anywhere at any time.

No matter what the emergency, or what your concern is, you can rely on Life Watch to find and detect the location of the wearer, anytime day or night, anywhere in the Australia.

Through Life Watch’s advanced on-board technology, the device can locate you, a family member or an employee anywhere in any situation.

Protect Australia’s dedicated 24 hour control room will assist with any emergency by contacting the relevant authority if needed, immediately.

Each device can be programmed with your specific requirements in mind, to ensure your Life Watch serves it’s exact purpose.

Life Watch has an extensive list of features which make it an essential device for people who may be medically vulnerable, out of normal phone contact, or working alone in remote areas. The Life Watch provides real time protection, and works using the latest in satellite technology to locate the wearer.

It’s features include:

The pre-alert button allows the wearer to activate a signal prior to a potentially dangerous situation. The control room will make contact with the wearer if the button is not pressed a second time, and proceed according to the wearer’s instructions or if contact cannot be made, then emergency procedures will be enacted.

With immediate response to a 24 hour control room, Protect Australia’s Life Watch will ease any concerns you have for your own personal safety, a loved one’s medical condition, or a lone worker’s safety. This personal safety system is the first of its kind in Australia and has a wide range of uses in situations where you or others are placed under duress.

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