About Protect Australia

With over 25 years of experience in the security industry, Protect Australia is proudly Australian owned and operated. The business was founded by a Queensland family who were determined to ensure the safety of their own family. Now, having developed security systems for people and property right across Australia, Protect is ensuring future generations of families are safe and secure.

Protect Australia is a strong, stable and committed company with roots in regional areas of Australia. Our principles are based on providing cutting edge technology to home owners for the absolute best options in security available to us today. Our people are focussed on industry news and trends, which means we can offer current solutions to age-old problems. Dont get stuck in the dark ages with your current security provider, live in the now and prepare for the future.

Protect Australia puts the technology in your hand giving you complete control to enjoy an easier, smarter, protected, quality lifestyle, perfect for the modern-day busy family. Why compromise on your life quality? Join the Protect Australia family today.

“You cant put a price on peace of mind and protection which is why Protect Australia are dedicated to offering affordable solutions and accessible systems for all.

In todays society of smartphones, internet and ever advancing technologies its sometimes hard to keep up, here at Protect we will ensure you don’t get left behind.”